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When I was a child, we went sometimes to the north of Portugal where we had… Where my parents rented a house. Close to this house there was a small fountain. And for me it stays like one of my best memories. This fountain… we played a lot there. It was a space, where we could… Where we could tell stories. Most of the time, we were collecting pieces of cork, putting a stick on it and with a big leaf of mulberry tree making a sail. We were taking seeds on the soil, passing a thread in them and suddenly, it was creating species of spaces : harbours, ships… There was a whole game of battleships… My sister, my older sister and me, we were spending hours, blowing this leaves trying to move the boats… in this fountain. We were carving huffs, choosing the best branches, trying to encounter technics that could improve the speed, the steering, stuffs like that. Close to the fountain, there was a hornet’s nest, they were kind of aggressive, and I guess we were stung from time to time. This memories, associated to the sound of the frogs from the lake nearby, it stays, like…. Probably the most peacefull memories, and maybe the most… the most pleasurable that I had. The strangest thing about this memories or the most… I don’t know… They’re memories in black and white, they’re pictures.
It is rattling, it is rumbling, it is roaring „can i touch you nose? I would also like to bit in it, a bit, cause you nose is incredibly beautiful. I know you from shoplifting in the supermarket. Do you think the driver is stoned(drunk)? When you put your head outside the window, you can let your hair dry by the wind. it´s really easy, just breathing is difficult then. Hmm your nose is really tasty. Damn it i´m wondering if you taste everywhere like this? Cause you are smelling very well too, salty. Did you know that the most beautiful place in this goddamn city is my backyard? It has a traffic light and an old car. it´s there Since i moved in, so since hundreds of years. Every morning i´m saying „hello“. Actually at first i wanted to burn it down, but than i thought there are better things to burn down and i like old cars“. Tootling from the radio. Speed light. Everyone is in silence. Somebody is throwing up. Speed light and too many eggs don´t match so well. „somebody said old elephants go in the mountain to die. Have you heard that? shit i always have to drop everything. „liebe mache(to make love)“ is an expression that makes my toenails roll up. But with fuckinig i´m associating just penetration and considering all the options you have, this word is just too limited. Good that there are different languages to express yourself. Boa i´m really tired, my eyes are already closing all the time. Reading is impossible. „Hey sally“ i said „ what?“ he answers“ have you already been really fedup?“ i ask“i mean have you ever been afraid that everything will turn out really worst, if you don´t do nothing?“ Oh take care! You left your fingertip in the lock.this is really unpractical, cause then somebody has to go to the cops and to get it back. Do you know what i also hate? Lifestyle guidebooks with a bit of social criticism. That´s just Hippocratic bullshit. When i was young my grandfather used to tell me the tale of the little marzipan potato and the rolling fart on the curtain rod. It starts like this: once there was a little marzipan potato and it had a friend, the rolling fart on the curtain rod. The story was basicly about the marzipan potato who wants to roll with together with the rolling fart on the curtain rod, cause it seems to be lots of fun. So they try to invent an ultimate plan, how to get the marzipan potato on the curtain rod. In the end kind of a rocket is been constructed and the fart flops himself from the curtain rod to the rocker and the marzipan potato is catapulted on the curtain rod. Entao and this is the point where the story starts from the rolling fart and the marzipan potato on the curtain rod.
New home 02:20
I was 6 years old Not a day younger. Dreams were hanging from my eyes. I wanted to become a dancer an astronaut a scientist Eventually a person that would have to use its imagination continuously I caressed her arm with the longing to learn what it truly means to grow up I am 20 years old and the only thing I want to become is a dancer or a mermaid Late at night my nails would start to illuminate And my fingers would grow with every deep breath How does it feel? You would ask To transform and to metamorphose in that manner It will feel like an orgasm I am 21 years old and I still want to become a dancer I still want to become a mermaid The cruelty of life has not reached me yet I still dream I still want to be surrounded by salty water 70% of our essence is water From water we come From water I will go


Unshaped_Ahead is the music project of DImos Vryzas-violin player from Greece/Thessaloniki.
The project is based on minimal melodies,loops and samples/storytelling(stories from friends from all over the world).
Improvisation,creation of Ambient atmosphere and noise sounds are also featured in the project.
Unshaped_Ahead is a diy project,the album is mixed(and let's say mastered)by me,that means that there can be some differences on the final exports of the tracks(show your understanding please!)
BAUL is the first full album of Unsaped_Ahead:BAUL is a furniture,usually an old one,that contains a variaty of things inside.For me inside baul can be anything,completely unorganised,without labels and definitions.This Baul that i present,has inside 8 songs,different stories from different people but one common thing,my love for all of these people that are my friends and they helped me A LOT.


released February 28, 2015

artwork:jose smith vargas: josesmithvargas.blogspot.be
stories from: mario,manoel,chrusa,finja,davide,natusa,angelos,smith,ines,berta,florian,joao,andreia,mara,niko,kwstis,manos,alexis,zara.
guitar on 3 decent cigarettes: nikos v
drums on new home: stratos
trumpet on the observer,the active participant and the liar: timos p
all the other instruments are performed by me.


all rights reserved



Unshaped_Ahead Athens, Greece

Unshaped_Ahead is the music project of DImos Vryzas-violin player from Greece/Thessaloniki.
The project is based on minimal melodies,loops and samples/storytelling(stories from friends from all over the world).
Improvisation,creation of Ambient atmosphere,noise sounds are also featured in the project.
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